• „Es hat mir sehr gut gefallen, intensiv, entspannt, nicht zuviel und nicht zu wenig. Ich habe mich leicht auf Julias Angebote und Vorschläge einlassen und vieles mitnehmen können, das mich noch beschäftigt. Ausgewogene Balance aus Malen und Reden, tolle Gruppe, guter Ort.“

    Elke, Teilnehmerin Kunsttherapie-Workshop
  • „Practice German with Yoga“ is a fantastic class! Julia has taught me how to retain vocabulary by connecting word with action while simultaneously deepening my yoga practice. She is a sensitive and talented instructor, who caters to her students and whose mastery is evident by the way she effortlessly synthesizes several disciplines in one elegant session.“

    Rachel about „Practice German with Yoga“
  • I had serious back issues and Julia was the first Yoga teacher since a long time who took them into consideration and gave me enough support to start enjoying yoga again. She always went the extra mile to find safe asana options for me and to do research on what would be good/bad for me. Very reliable and full of empathy.

    Ola, regular yoga student