Practice German with Yoga

Are you struggling with your DER DIE DAS? Ever thought about improving your German while doing Yoga? This class is suitable for all who want to learn German and pamper their body!

Learning German is very exhausting for some of you, I guess: What the hell do they need THREE articles for? When do you put a „ge“ in front of a word and what about this weird „Nominativ, Genitiv, Dativ, Akkusativ“? From my attempts to conquer the french or spanish language I know one thing: It gets a lot easier if you not only learn a language by reading a grammar book, but by feeling and living it!

This is why I created the class „Practice German with Yoga“!

you will get:

  • a wild bunch of people from literally all over the world with different cultural background, languages and levels of German
  • a humurous approach of practicing German with language games, conversation, grammar and vocabulary exercises
  • a yoga practice that corresponds with your level of experience: there are classes for beginners and all levels classes (for the intermediate and advanced)
  • a Hatha yoga sequence that is led in German and translated to English
  • a nice feeling of relaxation and easing of tension afterwards: Yoga can help you release blockages and stiffness in your body
  • sometimes „Muskelkater“ aka. aching muscles (which is a good sign)

you won’t get:

  • tedious grammar/vocabulary work
  • A swift Vinyasa Flow sequence – this is not possible due to the translation from German to English, which takes time
  • being able to speak German fluently after one lesson

Are you interested in joining? Then have a look at the course plan & rates! Please send me a message if you want to come or have any questions. Groups are held small on purpose so I can attend to everyone.

If you are on meetup, you can find all classes in the group „Practice German with Yoga“. And of course there are facebook events for the class in Prenzlauer Berg and the class in Kreuzberg as well!

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